Carla Meeske: Shamanic Healer, Fine Art Photographer, and Equine Therapist

Carla Meeske is a multi-talented individual who has dedicated her life to helping others through various means. With over 30 years of experience as a shamanic healer and instructor, Carla has provided spiritual guidance and healing to countless individuals and their animals. Her expertise lies in modern shamanic healing, which is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom. If you are seeking spiritual support and healing, Carla’s online school,, offers a range of courses to help you on your journey.In addition to her work as a shamanic healer, Carla Meeske is also a renowned fine art photographer. Her specialization lies in capturing breathtaking Night Sky landscapes, with the Milky Way serving as a celestial backdrop. Carla’s images beautifully depict Southwest Landscapes intertwined with the vastness of the universe. These spirit-inspired photographs have the power to reconnect us to our origins, both above and below. If you are looking to adorn your living space with ethereal art, Carla’s work is available for purchase on, through the Scottsdale Gallery, Muzeo Fine Art, and You can also find her art showcased at the Sonoran Arts League show, Hidden in the Hills.Carla Meeske’s passion for healing extends beyond humans and into the realm of animals. As part of her shamanic sessions, Carla offers equine therapy, utilizing her Icelandic horses. These remarkable creatures possess a deep understanding of emotional needs and provide direct healing to those in need. Whether you are seeking healing for yourself or your beloved animal companion, Carla’s equine therapy sessions can offer a unique and powerful experience.To learn more about Carla Meeske and her various offerings, including shamanic healing sessions, online courses, fine art photography, and equine therapy, you can visit her website at There, you will find detailed information about Carla’s background, her approach to healing, and how to request a healing session or explore her artwork.Carla Meeske’s extensive experience and diverse skill set make her a trusted and sought-after practitioner in the realm of spiritual healing, fine art photography, and equine therapy. Whether you are seeking guidance, inspiration, or emotional support, Carla’s offerings provide a holistic approach to healing and reconnecting with the world around us. Through her work, Carla invites us to tap into our inner wisdom and find harmony between the heavens above and the earth below.

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